A Bit About Our Approach

Greater than is a social enterprise we started in 2016 as a means to encourage our children, youth and our communities that together we can be Greater Than any challenge or struggle we are facing.

We see the negative impact the cycles of poverty, violence, suicide and substance abuse are having on our families and we’re passionate about advocating a positive platform for change.

We aim to use creativity and the arts to provide opportunities such as mentoring, training, education, work experience and employment pathways.

It's about building and creating opportunities for a better tomorrow and being empowered together, because together we are Greater Than

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We made it to Dieppe! Our host families are AMAZING!
About to experience a day in the life of the students at La Providence

#DMOV18 #TEARATIKA #Greaterthan #france

1 week ago
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From the Eiffeltower to the Musee du Lourve Paris
An amazing gtxperience

#monalisa #DMOV18 #Lourve #Paris #tearatika #greaterthan

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Mõrena whānau! About to head up the Eiffel tower. #DMOV18 #valour #greaterthan #paris #eiffeltower #tearatikainparis

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Disneyland was choice! The wait times for rides were pretty good and we had lots of laughs!
We're adjusting to the switch from the 30 degrees in Dubai to 8 degrees here in Paris and finally getting ... See more

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Greater Than

Be the change,
To see the change...

GTXSumit has been such a highlight for us over the last couple of years! We're building on that positive platform for change and this year we're trying something ... See more

GTX SumIt Aotearoa 2017 was amazing this year!
Anei te mihi aroha ki a Aimee Sinclair, Hey Puawai (Puawai Taiapa)and @Rongomai Taiapa, Michael Moore, Ken Arkind, Tamehana Moanaroa, Tipene Harmer, ... See more